Turnkey Playground Solutions for Local Authorities
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Turnkey Playground Solutions for Local Authorities
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Superior Quality Products, Big Ideas, Unlimited Possibilities

Superior Quality Products, Big Ideas, Unlimited Possibilities

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    Welcome to ESP Play Parks

    We Specialises in the design, manufacturing, and installation of outdoor play equipment across the UK and worldwide. Exceptional playground design ignites the imagination of children of all ages, fostering physical and cognitive development through play. ESP Play Parks is dedicated to crafting captivating play environments that are not only functionally stimulating but also visually appealing.

    Every child is unique, with their own personality and strengths, yet they all share an innate desire to play. This includes children with disabilities who have the same aspirations when it comes to playgrounds. Play areas must be exhilarating, distinctive, and offer a diverse range of activities for enjoyment with friends and family.

    Our Philosophy & Principles

    Inclusive play and comprehensive design are central tenets of our design philosophy and principles. Our approach to designing play areas is all-encompassing, welcoming users of all ages and abilities. An inclusive ethos at ESP Play Parks doesn’t mean that every child can play on every piece of equipment, but it does mean that every child should have the opportunity to play on something. Every child matters!!!

    Ensuring equitable access to and usage of playgrounds is a fundamental responsibility. We firmly believe that our design and product solutions fulfill the key objectives of any project in terms of play value, aesthetics, and the “wow” factor.

    Play is constantly evolving

    Children remain the experts in the realm of play within an ever-changing world. Successful play areas are built upon their input, coupled with a specialist understanding of ongoing developments in child development. ESP innovates and develops through extensive research, actively listening to and observing children at play. These are the foundational pillars of our approach to play area design.

    We continuously engage in and commission research into the benefits of play and child development. Child approval and our specialist insights into play value underpin our design process, ensuring that ESP equipment meets the criteria of attraction, retention, and play value.

    Let us show you our expertise

    Our customers consistently applaud our approach in creating engaging playgrounds, exceptional outdoor sports facilities, and inclusive fitness amenities for individuals of all age groups. We provide a completely FREE design service. Why not reach out to one of our team members and discover how ESP Play Parks can transform your outdoor play area?

    The importance of inclusivity

    Inclusive Play designs encompass products and equipment that enable children of all abilities to participate on the playground. Inclusive play equipment provides choices and challenges, allowing children to play, laugh, and learn together. Our in-house design team is wholly dedicated to inclusive play and strives to make all playgrounds accessible to children of every ability, age, and gender.

    Children with limited mobility should never be excluded from any playground. Our playgrounds encourage children of all abilities to play together, promote social interaction, and enhance mental and physical well-being.

    Movement: Enhances children’s awareness of their joints and muscles

    Contributes to balance and symmetry

    Elevates the enjoyment of social activities through sensory engagement.

    Facilitates learning about differences in texture, traction, and pressure.

    Aids and develops the visual sense, enabling children to make the most of their surroundings

    Aids and develops the audible world, enabling children to maximise their senses

    Local Skills Training

    As part of our commitment to improving employment opportunities and the knowledge & skills base of our clients, we are happy to work with your employees, allowing them access to our site during installation and offering them ‘hands on’ experience in the construction of a play space and more specifically the build and installation of play equipment and how to maintain it. We have found this to be invaluable experience to client’s staff who will be actively involved in the on-going maintenance of the play space in the future.

    Post Installation Inspection

    ESP will provide an independent Post Installation Inspector by an accredited RPII Inspection company completely Free of Charge for your project.

    Stimulating your local economy

    ESP Play Parks is committed to stimulating local economies across the length and breadth of the country through our local business operations. We directly employee 10 sales and construction staff who are regionally based across England in addition to 50 different installation partners.

    ESP Play Parks select installation teams who are geographically closest to the site, lowering our overall Carbon Footprint in line with our Environmental Policy and sustaining local employment levels. ESP Play Parks have a proven track record and consistently demonstrate that our installation, communication, customer service levels and eye for detail are of an impeccable standard.

    The impact of our work spans far wider than just the play area.

    With every installation we add social value to the local communities we work within.

    Installing a play area stimulates:

    • Financial benefits for the local economy
    • Engages the local community
    • Instils local pride and ownership
    • Increases confidence to mix with others in a shared space

    At ESP PLAY Parks we understand the sustainable impact of our work. It inspires us on every project we design and install.

    We become stakeholders within your local community.

    All of our projects will:-

    Incorporate unique ESP Play Parks innovative equipment, with Play features that promote organic, progressive play therefore increasing the play value available.

    Include inclusive and accessible equipment suitable for users of all ages and abilities and promotes role play and free play in abundance.

    Compliment and be sympathetic to each individual environment in which it sits.

    Include innovative, often bespoke ideas

    Be Installed & delivered on time and on budget.

    Comply with BS/EN1176 & BS/EN1177 Certified with a FREE RPII Post Installation Inspection.

    Free ‘Future-focussed’ Playground Design Service

    Using the latest professional CAD software and years of industry experience, our team of specially trained playground designers will prepare a full colour, A1 playground design which will provide your organisation with the best possible illustration of how your playground could look. We now have an active plan in place to ensure that any suggestions cater for the Environment

    ESP Play Parks & The Environment

    We Recognise Our Responsibility We believe that climate change is the biggest threat we have faced as a global community. As a business, we recognise our responsibility, and that urgent action is needed to improve the most dangerous impacts of climate change on people and the planet. This requires the rapid reduction of greenhouse gas emissions. We must be realistic with our strategic actions and embed attainable objectives over time which contribute to a transition to a carbon net zero economy globally.

    Responsible Sourcing Through our responsible sourcing strategy, our business will ensure we partner with suppliers who are equally committed to helping drive the positive transition to a net-zero future. We are committed to creating “Trusted Supply Chain Relationships,” where we work in partnership to action change and execute transformation which is built on a secure foundation of clear measurable goals.

    Free ‘Future-focussed’ Playground Design Service

    We believe that climate change is the biggest threat we have faced as a global community. As a business, we recognise our responsibility, and that urgent action is needed to improve the most dangerous impacts of climate change on people and the planet. This requires the rapid reduction of greenhouse gas emissions. We must be realistic with our strategic actions and embed attainable objectives over time which contribute to a transition to a carbon net zero economy globally.

    Installing Equipment To Encourage Involvement & Inclusion

    Installing Equipment To Encourage Involvement & Inclusion

    Project Focus: Coate Water Country Park, Swindon

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    Case Study: Coate Water Country Park, Swindon

    ESP Play Parks liaised closely with Swindon Borough Council and upon visiting site and completing a full consultation realised this was not a standard Play Area but a hugely important community project that was at the heart of what ESP Play Parks strive for. The chosen positioning for the new Play Area required extensive groundworks to create a level site that would be 100% accessible and upon reading the original specification we knew we could improve on the desire for full inclusive destination play area.

    The ESP Play Parks design team took each element and enhanced the brief to create bespoke inclusive and accessible elements that elevated the Play Area to above and beyond Swindon Borough Councils vision. We incorporated a custom-made centre piece 9 Tower Multi Play unit that encapsulates all the main play values, bespoke built a fully accessible 3 tower ramped unit complete with low level play panels and sand pit. Accessible and Inclusive elements also included a ground flush carousel, sunken trampolines, sensory pathways and musical elements around the site as well as a family zone incorporated flat, cradle, basket and accessible swings.

    The Play Area official opening was supported by ESP Play Parks with children from 3 local schools attending who each received an ESP Play Parks goody bag! The event was attended by reporters from BBC Wiltshire, ITV, Greatest Hits Radio and the Swindon Advertiser along with Mums on a Mission, who were integral to the project.

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    Project Focus: Dursley Parish Council

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    Case Study: Dursley Parish Council

    Dursely Parish Council was looking to add a climbing element to their existing playground. Following a public consultation and discussions with local school children, they identified that the Kingshill House Playground was not catering for much climbing play values and also accomodating for junior aged children.

    We visited the site and completed our analysis of the play area before our specialist playground designers got to work. Taking into consideration what the current playground has to offer and how we can incorporate a climbing element. We decided that a Climbing Pyramid would work really well with this space.

    We were conscious that we would need to keep grass and grass matting as the surfacing which then lent itself perfectly for the medium climbing pyramid. This gives some great height, which is exciting, challenging, and adventurous. It is also a great play item that promotes good balance, coordination, stamina, and strength.

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    Committed to Guaranteeing Compliance, Quality & Safety

    Committed to Guaranteeing Compliance, Quality & Safety

    We’re ready to discuss your project, no matter how big or small so get in touch. We offer FREE Site Consultation & Design Service with no obligation. Telephone: 01282 43 44 45 Email: info@espplay.co.uk