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Encouraging Inclusion & Participation

Space-saving and money-saving, a MUGA pitch is essentially an outdoor space carefully designed to incorporate a number of different sports and games activities. Its installation means schools can offer a wider repertoire of physical activities and, through this, encourage more children to take part.

The Advantages of a MUGA

MUGA facilities provide outdoor spaces with a range of useful benefits. By fitting out a single space with multiple pitch markings, Play Parks are able to deliver a wider variety of sports for everybody to take part in. This flexibility is ideal for any development with small outdoor spaces that are currently only able to offer limited provision, though even those with extended grounds have discovered the benefits of having multiple MUGAs. MUGA sports pitches offer many different surfaces, including artificial grass, and a variety of pitch markings, such as football, hockey, netball, tennis, basketball and cricket. There are also other features you can include, such as goal posts, basketball/netball nets, ball walls and wall targets. What’s more, the pitches can be sized to fit the space you have available, letting you maximise the use of your existing outdoor area.

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