Inclusive Play designs include products and equipment which allow children of all abilities to get involved on the playground.  Inclusive play equipment offers choice and challenge, enabling children to play, laugh and learn together. Our team of in-house designers are dedicated to inclusive play and strives to make all playgrounds inclusive to all children regardless of ability, age, and gender.  Children with restricted movement should not be left out from any playground.  Our playgrounds encourage children of all abilities to play together, promote socialising and improves mental and physical wellbeing. If you are looking to improve your existing play area or looking to install a brand new playground, then give our Play Experts a call on 01282 43 44 45 to book in a site visit.

Movement – Helps children to be aware of their joints and muscles

Balance Inclusive Play

Balance – Contributes to balance and symmetry

Smell – Contributes to the enjoyment by enhancing social activities

Inclusive Play - Touch

Touch – Helps children learn the differences in texture, traction and pressure

Sound – Helps cognitive progression by developing the ability to process

Inclusive Play - Sight

Sight – Aids and develops the visual sense allowing children to get the most out of their surroundings