Project Description

Glebe Farm Playground Project

Project Background

Robert contacted ESP Play Parks following a flood during the winter of 2019 which destroyed their existing play area. Although the existing site worked well and was very popular they highlighted that it needs more modern and exciting equipment moving forward. Following our site survey it was shown that the current play surfacing was holding water in the play area with poor drainage.

Our Vision for the Project

Following the discussions we have had with the team at Glebe Farm as well as talking to some of the local parents and children, our in-house design team started on the plans and designs for the new playground. The idea was to keep things simple, low maintenance and equipment with a long life span. We decided to keep the existing rural farm theme with a timber multi-play tower, including a slide and various elements which encouraged creative and open play. Springer Animals, related to the farm were also chosen with a double timber swing set and a basket swing for inclusive group play.

The play surfacing around the equipment was Rubber Mulch with turf areas in between. This was done to allow the water to drain away from site easily and with adequate drainage facilities.


The Proposal

During Construction

The Finished Project