Project Description

Crabtree Developments Playground Project

Project Background

We were contacted after being recommended from another housing developer we have worked with and soon sched-uled in a site meeting with the Development Manager to discuss the new playground. The site already had play equipment which you will see from the before images below. It was in very much need of attention and the local children did not use the area due to the equipment being old and dangerous. Crabtree Developments wanted to create an attractive space which would not only be usable for children but also adults. They wanted to lean on the side of being physically active to improve health and fitness. The area also needed to be a place where the local community can go to and socialise with each other and the potential to hold community summer events.

Our Vision for the Project

Following our meeting with Crabtree Developments, we wrote up out proposals for the site and our in-house design team design the space which was also compliant to the regulations. Our vision is to remove all the existing equipment and install with new, modern and attractive equipment.

We decided that installing some adult outdoor gym enquipment into the area would be a great way to include adults and parents in the area. The multi-use timber play tower would be the central focal point with the gym equipment around the outer edge. The multi-use timber play tower is designed in a way that is very open ended play where chil-dren can use their imagination and creativity in play. It is also designed in a way that encourages communication and group play. The multi-use timber play tower also has interactive play panels where children can play games, and is open to a wide age range and abilities.

We also designed picnic tables and bench seating into the area which would work well for holding community summer events.

The play area would then be completely fenced in with stell bow-top fencing with self-closing gate suitable for wheelchair access.


The Proposal

The Finished Project