Robinia Hardwood Play Equipment

Why is Robinia Hardwood Timber good for Playground products?

Robinia is a Hardwood Timber that is robust enough to stand up to the elements the British weather can throw at it. Due to its extreme hardness and toughness, it is difficult to work and tends to warp. So it was used only in mining, for example, to reinforce tunnels. After all, robinia wood is sturdier than oak! These days, robinia is often used as a teak wood substitute, mainly for garden furniture, playground equipment, and hydraulic engineering. ESP Play Parks specialise in Manufacture, Design and Installation of Robinia Timber Play Equipment for use in public playgrounds and play areas throughout the UK.

The Robinia Tree

The trees can grow to a height of 24m to 27m. The bole is often twisted or fluted with a diameter of 0.6m to 1m. In continental Europe, the trees are often coppiced, providing smaller, fast grown sections. Older, larger trees often have a rotten heart. Seasoned Robinia wood is highly decay resistant and won’t rot, even when submerged in soil. During the 18th century its decay resistance became the stuff of legends, and in folklore was said to last “2 years longer than stone”. Consequently, Robinia became the timber of choice for the American and British navies for ‘pinning ships’ and for the manufacture of gates and fenceposts. Given the extreme durability of Robinia wood, it will come as no surprise that ESP Play Parks makes good use of the timber in their play equipment.

Robinia Tree

The sapwood is narrow and clearly defined from the heartwood which is greenish in colour when freshly cut, turning golden-brown after drying. The timber is heavy and hard, although the texture is coarse due to the contrast between porous earlywood and dense latewood. The grain is usually straight. With the coarse and rough nature of Robinia it lends itself for use with playgrounds and play equipment. Robinia also has a distorted effect which gives the quirky natural touch that is needed.

Invest in the Best Play Equipment….

Robinia, is expensive, but as we now know, it is extremely durable, stable and rot proof. It is tremendously strong with the highest resistance to crushing making it ideal for mechanical jointing. Furthermore, the Robinia timber that ESP Play Parks uses is sourced from sustainable European/North America suppliers.

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