Street Workout P-009

This large street workout station is designed for Calisthenic activities and is open plan lends itself well for groups workouts and individual.  The P-009 outdoor gym equipment has everything from chest board for sit-ups and leg exercises through to large hoops and chains for the upper body.  There is a lot in between too including the unique rope pole, lower bars, ladders and stepped monkey bars.

The Calisthenic outdoor Street Workout Equipment is great for warm-up and cool-down exercises as well as building strength, Stamina and muscle.

The Street Workout collection was created in response to children’s interest in outdoor gyms.

Dimensions of the devices are adapted to the growth and skills of our children.

Street Workout devices are designed to accustom children to using the gym and to popularize an active lifestyle.

The devices have been designed based on the requirements of the PE-EN 1176 standard, thanks to which they can be an element of equipment for school grounds, Children’s Centres and public outdoor playgrounds.

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