Street Workout P-001

This is a large multi-use Callisthenic Street Workout outdoor Gym Apparatus which is designed specifically for outdoors in public spaces.  This covers everything related to Callisthenic Workouts from the chest, stomach up to arms and back.  It is also designed in a way to improve balance and co-ordination.  Covering a large area of nearly 210 square meters there is plenty of space for large groups of people to use the equipment at once.

There are some unique stepping blocks of different sizes as well as fingerboards to improve grip and lower arm strength.

The Calisthenic outdoor Street Workout Equipment is great for warm-up and cool-down exercises as well as building strength, Stamina and muscle.

The Street Workout collection was created in response to children’s interest in outdoor gyms.

Dimensions of the devices are adapted to the growth and skills of our children.

Street Workout devices are designed to accustom children to using the gym and to popularize an active lifestyle.

The devices have been designed based on the requirements of the PE-EN 1176 standard, thanks to which they can be an element of equipment for school grounds, Children’s Centres and public outdoor playgrounds.

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