Playgrounds and Play Areas increase revenues for Holiday Parks….

2020 was a year which has made all business owners stand back and take a look at their business, jump on their strengths and improve any weaknesses. Now we are in 2021, and with the UK Staycation bigger than ever it is more important than ever to improve your offering for you clients and holiday makers.

Holiday parks, as well as Glamping Sites and hotels across the country are seeing booking numbers rise as reservations soar. This is even without the huge increase in demand with the Staycation boom in 2020.

According to stats* from 2018, people spent a record number of nights in accommodation during the August 2018 year. This is despite nights spent in backpackers falling. And whereas motels and hotels saw a steady rise in guest nights from 2017 to 2018, it was holiday parks that saw the sharpest increase with a 6.2% increase in guest nights. A lot of holiday parks are happy to simply ride this increase, but many more are looking at ways to capitalise on this trend by increasing revenue and profits at the same time.

One of the ways holiday park owners are looking to serve a wider audience, and tap into new technological advances, is to offer upmarket all-year-round accommodation using transportable units. And the reasons for doing so are plenty. Playgrounds and their role with the UK Holiday Parks and Glamping Sites is something that should not be overlooked by holiday park owners. Having a modern and exciting Play Area or Playground plays a key role in attracting Families to your Holiday Parks in 2021 and beyond.

ESP Play Parks open spaces and play areas 
Investing in a New Playground offers excellent Return on Investment and allows Holiday Park owners to charge a higher price per night for their Lodges. With having an attractive new playground to offer your customers increases footfall on your Holiday Park and therefore increase revenues in all the other Holiday Park offerings such as Restaurants, Childcare Facilities, Kids Clubs and also gift shops and activities.

If you are looking at improving your existing playground or looking at installing a brand new play area to you holiday park or family attraction business then please get in touch with our Playground Experts today. Call 01282 434445 We offer a FREE Design and Site Consultation Service throughout the UK.