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ESP Play Parks specialises in the design, manufacturing, and installation of outdoor play equipment across the UK and worldwide. Exceptional playground design ignites the imagination of children of all ages, fostering physical and cognitive development through play. ESP Play Parks is dedicated to crafting captivating play environments that are not only functionally stimulating but also visually appealing. Every child is unique, with their own personality and strengths, yet they all share an innate desire to play. This includes children with disabilities who have the same aspirations when it comes to playgrounds. Play areas must be exhilarating, distinctive, and offer a diverse range of activities for enjoyment with friends and family.

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Inclusive play and comprehensive design are central tenets of our design philosophy and principles. Our approach to designing play areas is all-encompassing, welcoming users of all ages and abilities. An inclusive ethos at ESP Play Parks doesn’t mean that every child can play on every piece of equipment, but it does mean that every child should have the opportunity to play on something. Every child matters!!! Ensuring equitable access to and usage of playgrounds is a fundamental responsibility. We firmly believe that our design and product solutions fulfill the key objectives of any project in terms of play value, aesthetics, and the “wow” factor.

Inspiring the Next Generation through Development and Enrichment

Innovation & Development
Through Research

Inspiring the Next Generation through Development and Enrichment

Innovation & Development
Through Research

Innovation & Development Through Research

Play is constantly evolving, but children remain the experts in the realm of play within an ever-changing world. Successful play areas are built upon their input, coupled with a specialist understanding of ongoing developments in child development. ESP innovates and develops through extensive research, actively listening to and observing children at play. These are the foundational pillars of our approach to play area design. We continuously engage in and commission research into the benefits of play and child development. Child approval and our specialist insights into play value underpin our design process, ensuring that ESP equipment meets the criteria of attraction, retention, and play value.

We Accommodate Everyone with Inclusion at the Heart of Our Offerings

Our customers consistently applaud our approach in creating engaging playgrounds, exceptional outdoor sports facilities, and inclusive fitness amenities for individuals of all age groups. We provide a completely FREE design service. Why not reach out to one of our team members and discover how ESP Play Parks can transform your outdoor play area?

We Cater for All with Inclusion at the Core

Inclusive Play designs encompass products and equipment that enable children of all abilities to participate on the playground. Inclusive play equipment provides choices and challenges, allowing children to play, laugh, and learn together. Our in-house design team is wholly dedicated to inclusive play and strives to make all playgrounds accessible to children of every ability, age, and gender. Children with limited mobility should never be excluded from any playground. Our playgrounds encourage children of all abilities to play together, promote social interaction, and enhance mental and physical well-being.

Six Inclusive Play Elements

  • Movement: Enhances children’s awareness of their joints and muscles.

  • Balance: Contributes to balance and symmetry.

  • Smell: Elevates the enjoyment of social activities through sensory engagement.

  • Touch: Facilitates learning about differences in texture, traction, and pressure.

  • Sound: Aids and develops the visual sense, enabling children to make the most of their surroundings

  • Sight: Aids and develops the audible world, enabling children to maximise their senses

Installing Equipment To Encourage

& Inclusion

Installing Equipment To Encourage

& Inclusion

Case Study: Holker Estate Holiday Parks

At Holker Estate Holiday Parks they were looking to add some new play equipment as well as an outdoor Gym Facility.  They have never had an outdoor Gym Facility at their holiday parks before and have been requested by their customers.  Having an outdoor space where people can do their warm-up exercises before going for a run is what people are looking for when they are booking a weekend or week away in the Lake District.

The Playground Project

At our first meeting with Holker Estate to discuss their plans, they didn’t have a specific area to put the outdoor gym facility.  The holiday has plenty of space to utilise but they also wanted to keep everything easily accessible. We have designed the outdoor gym facility to be built into different areas around the holiday park.  This would therefore encourage residents to walk around the holiday park grounds and would also stop the gym facility from looking busy which would discourage some people from using the equipment. Encouraging residents to get out and be more active and also having well-located gym equipment so people can exercise with some amazing views of the Lake District and the Lakeland fells.

Case Study: The Meadows Petting Farm

The Meadows is a petting farm in Caerphilly Wales which opened in 2020. It is a great outdoor family attraction with a cafe and restaurant. They also offer educational days out for schools, so it can get very busy at peak times. They were looking to install a natural playground to cater to junior-aged children. There was a sandpit area in the location where they wanted to new playground which needed to be removed. They are wanting to have some traditional play equipment and also cater to children with limited mobility.

The Playground Project

Our design team designed a low-maintenance, natural playground with traditional play equipment. We used our Fawcett Play Tower which has lots of different play values for junior-aged children and also offers some challenging play for younger children. The Fawcett Play Tower offers sliding, climbing, tunneling, 2x Wobble Bridges, Climbing Net, and Climbing Wall. We also added a Nest Swing which is great for all children and all abilities. The Nest Swing encourages group play but can also be used individually. With everything being natural play and a natural-looking playground, we decided that Grass Matting would be the best option when it comes to the Playground Safety Surfacing. This will allow the grass to grow through the Grass Matting which therefore gives the playground a natural feel while adhering to the playground regualtions.

Committed To Guaranteeing

& Quality

Committed To Guaranteeing

& Quality


Laminated & Tanalised Timber

Glulam redwood timber poles provide exceptional strength, have a greater resistance to splitting, and offer a high quality smooth finish.

Sawn Timber

Sawn redwood timber from FSC sustainable sources, all pressure treated to class 4 after all manufacturing processes have been completed.

Robinia Timber

Robinia hardwood is extremely robust and does not require any preservatives to prevent it from rot. Each piece is unique in shape and will fade to a silver colour over time.

FSC Sourced Timber

We only use timber that has been responsibly sourced from managed forests with the FSC accreditation.

Timber Treatment

We pressure treat all our timber with Tanalith E wood preservative after all of our manufacturing processes are complete to class 4 which prevents against all forms of wood decay and insect attack.


Zinc Plated Fixings

All nuts, bolts, screws and brackets are zinc plated to prevent against corrosion and to ensure longevity and safety.

Anti-slip Panels

Anti-slip panels are available with a grey or red rubberised all-weather anti-slip coating with a button profile bonded to a black HDPE plastic sheet.

HDPE Panels

High Density Polyethylene panel are highly durable and vandal resistant. The multicolored panels allow for intricate designs to be routed for additional play value.

Steel Cored Ropes

Colourful steel cored polypropylene ropes are used to ensure safety, durability, and vandal resistance.

Plastic Accessories

Plastic accessories are made from UV stable HDPE plastic to ensure high durability and life-span.

Product Labels

Aluminium labels are affixed to all our equipment at quality control stage prior to dispatch. Each label contains our details, the product ID, and year of manufacture.

Painted Steelwork

Steelwork is either aluminium or galvanised mild steel and is treated and primed prior to receiving a vibrant painted finish.


Brand new tyres from renowned manufacturers help improve the lifespan of the product and ensure quality.

Graphic Panels

Printed graphic panels are made from shatter-proof polycarbonate or dibond.


Large size professional handholds made from resin bound sand with stainless steel threaded inserts and anti-spin secondary fixing point.

Timber Paint

A high quality, satin finish, oil-based wood stain that is child-friendly and won’t stain clothes or peel away from the timber.

Rubber Mulch

Rubber Mulch is a mixture of recycled shredded truck tyre rubber and a specially formulated high performance polyurethane binder. The shredded rubber is colour-coated in a factory process using a variety of colours.

Block Paving

Block Paving can add an instant decorative finish to your play area and can be used to create pathways, roadways, and hard-standing areas that have the WOW factor!

Artificial Grass

Premium artificial grass with a pile height of 39mm and an extra dense stitch into a free-draining latex backing.


Our Wetpour surfacing is made from 100% recycled tyres, is available in a wide range of colours and has infinite design possibilities. The coloured rubber crumbs are bound together with a resin that once set, provides an impact absorbent surface that will last for years

Sports Surfacing

The artificial sports grass is available in a range of different pile heights from 20mm to 50mm high. We will recommend which specification is appropriate for your development following a full brief around its intended use.

Grass Matting

Grass Matting can be used as a durable and cost effective safety surfacing solution. Interlocking mats are laid on an existing grass surface around your playground equipment, in order to provide all-year-round use.

Resin Bound Gravel

Small naturally-coloured stones are bonded together with resin to form a smooth, free-draining and enviromentally friendly surface finish that can instantly improve the look, feel, and longevity of your play area.

Products, Ideas, Unlimited Possibilities

The Highest Quality Products Built For Longevity

Play Towers

Timber Swings

Natural Play Equipment

Nature trails

Activity Apparatus

Committed To Protecting Our

& Posterity

Committed To Protecting Our

& Posterity

Designing Spaces for a Net Zero Future

Free ‘Future-focussed’ Playground Design Service

Using the latest professional CAD software and years of industry experience, our team of specially trained playground designers will prepare a full colour, A1 playground design which will provide your organisation with the best possible illustration of how your playground could look. We now have an active plan in place to ensure that any suggestions cater for the Environment

ESP Play Parks & The Environment

We Recognise Our Responsibility We believe that climate change is the biggest threat we have faced as a global community. As a business, we recognise our responsibility, and that urgent action is needed to improve the most dangerous impacts of climate change on people and the planet. This requires the rapid reduction of greenhouse gas emissions. We must be realistic with our strategic actions and embed attainable objectives over time which contribute to a transition to a carbon net zero economy globally.

Responsible Sourcing Through our responsible sourcing strategy, our business will ensure we partner with suppliers who are equally committed to helping drive the positive transition to a net-zero future. We are committed to creating “Trusted Supply Chain Relationships,” where we work in partnership to action change and execute transformation which is built on a secure foundation of clear measurable goals.

Our Climate Position

Free ‘Future-focussed’ Playground Design Service

We believe that climate change is the biggest threat we have faced as a global community. As a business, we recognise our responsibility, and that urgent action is needed to improve the most dangerous impacts of climate change on people and the planet. This requires the rapid reduction of greenhouse gas emissions. We must be realistic with our strategic actions and embed attainable objectives over time which contribute to a transition to a carbon net zero economy globally.

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