ESP Play Parks specialise in the design, manufacture, and installation of outdoor play equipment throughout the UK and overseas. Great playground design inspires children of all ages to play, and through play develops young bodies and minds. ESP Play Parks are committed to creating fascinating play opportunities that are functionally stimulating and visually attractive. All children are different. They each have their personality, their strengths, their individuality. But globally they share an urge to play. All children, including children with disabilities, share common views on playgrounds. They must be thrilling, different and offer varied play activities to enjoy with friends and family.

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Inclusive play and holistic design are a critical element of our design philosophy and principles. Our approach to play area design welcomes all users, regardless of their age or abilities. An inclusive approach from ESP Play Parks does not mean that all children can play on everything, but all children should be able to play on something. Every child matters!!!

Equity in playground accessibility and use is a fundamental responsibility.  We believe our design and product solutions deliver on the key outcomes of any brief in terms of play value, aesthetics and wow factor.

Play is always changing and evolving, but children remain constant play experts in an ever-changing world. Successful play areas are based on their input, combined with a specialist insight into the ongoing changes in child development. ESP innovate and develop thorough research, listening to and observing children at play.  These are the fundamental corner stones of our approach to play area design.

ESP participate and commission continuous research into play benefits and child development. Child approval and our specialist input on play value forms the basis of our design process and ensures that ESP equipment stands up to the test of attraction, retention and play value. Our customers regularly praise our approach in how we create stimulating playgrounds, outstanding outdoor sports areas, and inclusive fitness facilities for all age ranges.

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